Summer Academy

Summer School Notice:

As a reminder, students may not miss more than 1 day and still receive credit for the class. Students MUST also be present on the first day of class to receive credit and remain in the course. Please make sure you are on time for all sessions, as three tardies equals 1 absence. Students must withdraw through the main office within the first 5 days of the course to prevent an F on their transcript. If students stop attending after the first 5 days, they will receive an F on their transcript. 


All summer school classes are full at this time and first session is closed. Computer Applications 2 begins Monday July 9

Summer School Daily Schedule for 2018

**Please note - no breakfast will be served at Kamiakin for second session Computer Applications 2. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

Computer Applications 2 (at Kamiakin High School):

Monday, July 9th – Thursday, July 26th

Class starts                                      7:45am

Lunch                                               11:00-11:30am

Leadership Activities                        11:45-12:15pm (Back to class for 15 min before leadership activities)

Class (afternoon)                             11:30am-2:45pm


All courses are a 0.5 Occupational Ed or Elective credit unless otherwise noted below:

            Digital Photography   0.5 Art Credit

            Fiber Arts                    0.5 Art Credit

            Food & Fitness            0.5 Fitness Credit

            Interior Design            0.5 Art Credit

            Nutrition & Health      0.5 Health Credit


Abby Mattson

Assistant Director

2018 Tri-Tech Summer School Staff & Rooms

Intro to Construction Trades Tony Milewski TTSC-320
Intro to Culinary Arts LuAnne Wiles TTSC-205
Intro to Computer Science & Cyber Security Craig Coleman TTSC-Portable 201
Intro to Digital Arts & Filmmaking Mike Greif TTSC-180
Fiber Arts Kelly Ruud TTSC-120
Interior Designs Shannon Dyer TTSC-115
Intro to Auto Systems 1A Rob Brackett TTSC-250
Intro to Auto Systems 1B Larry Brookes TTSC-223
Intro to Auto Body Repair & Detailing Robert Lozano TTSC-330
Digital Photography Matt Johnson TTSC-160
Intro to Firefighting Nathen Allington TTSC-Tri-Tech East
Intro to Health Careers Roger Potts TTSC-340
Intro to Law Enforcement Brenda Buroker TTSC-Tri-Tech East
Leadership/ Lunch Supervision Kendra Leford TTSC-130
Leadership/ 21st Century Skills Presentations Holly Milewski TTSC-130
Nutrition & Health 1A Jennifer Ward TTSC-140
Nutrition & Health 1A Jennifer Ward TTSC-140
Nutrition & Health 1B Sherrie Croshaw TTSC-105
Nutrition & Health 1C Julie Stott TTSC-Portable 203
Intro to Pre-Vet Tech Kim Anderson TTSC-125
Intro to Radio Production Ed Dailey TTSC-Multipurpose Room
Advanced Radio Production Ed Dailey TTSC-170
Intro to Video Game Design Mat Adelmund TTSC-150
Welding Technology Gina Cutts TTSC-305

2018 Tri-Tech Summer School at Kamiakin High School

Computer Applications 1 Brad Judy KaHS-523
Computer Applications 2 (2nd Session: July 9 - 26) Ryan McCallum KaHS-523
Food & Fitness 1A Tiara Harley KaHS-440
Food & Fitness 1B Cindy Miller KaHS-436