Summer Academy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Tri-Tech Summer Skills Academy

Online Registration Begins May 15th at 3pm

When is Tri-Tech Summer Academy?

Tri-Tech Summer Academy runs June 14th – July 3rd from 7:45am – 2:45pm.

What age does my student need to be in order to be eligible for Tri-Tech Summer Academy?

Students need to be high school age, so incoming Freshman-12th grade.

What classes are offered during Tri-Tech Summer Academy?

A link to a Course Description Catalog can be found on our website at

Can my student sign up for more than 1 class?

A student may only sign up for 1 class.  Classes run all day from 7:45am – 2:45pm, June 14th – July 3rd

The ONLY CLASS offered 2nd session is Computer Applications 2 at Kamiakin High School.  You must have successfully completed Computer Applications 1 to enroll in Computer Applications 2.

How much does Tri-Tech Summer Academy cost?

Tri-Tech Summer Skills Academy is free of charge.

Are breakfast and lunch available during Tri-Tech Summer Academy?

Breakfast and Lunch are served daily, free of charge.

What credits can my student earn during Tri-Tech Summer Academy?

All courses are a 0.5 Occupational Ed or Elective credit unless otherwise noted below:

            Digital Photography   0.5 Art Credit

            Fiber Arts                    0.5 Art Credit

            Food & Fitness            0.5 Fitness Credit

            Interior Design            0.5 Art Credit

            Nutrition & Health      0.5 Health Credit

What is the attendance policy during Tri-Tech Summer Academy?

Students MUST be in class on the FIRST day to remain enrolled in the course

Students may NOT miss more than 1 full day of class (7 hours) to remain in the course and receive credit.

3 tardies to class = 1 absence 

If a student does not withdraw from the class within the first 5 days, they will receive an F on their transcript.  Students must notify the teacher and Tri-Tech about their intent to withdrawal in the first 5 days of the course. After the first 5 days failure to show up is an automatic F.