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Electricity, often taken for granted, is what makes our modern world function. Trained electricians make that world work and are in high demand. If you want to learn in a hands-on environment, this program may be just for you.  You will learn about commercial and residential electrical codes, wiring and motor controls, electrical theory and blueprint reading.

Career Opportunities:
* Apprentice to Journeymen
* Electrical Engineer
* High Voltage Lineman
* Power Plant Operations

Pre-Requisites: Junior/senior standing. Returning students must have a B or better their first year and instructor approval.

Sessions Offered:AM Session is 8-10:30am: Monday-Friday  PM Session is 11:30am-2:00pm Monday-Friday

Length of Program: 1-2 years

Equivalency Credits: 0.5 Tech English 1 or 2, 1.0 Math, 1.0 Science

Occupational/Elective credits: up to 3

Text reading levels: The material is written at college level.



Ryan Coe


Ken Kessie

Instructional Assistant