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Law Enforcement

Grades: 11-12
Length: 1 year
Credit: .5 Technical English, 1.0 Fitness, .5 Science, 1.0 Occupational Elective
Prerequisite: None
Location: Tri-Tech Skills Center

Description: Do you love to watch CSI, or do you want to serve your community? Learn about the criminal justice system and the many career opportunities. You can participate in numerous community service activities. In this program you will:


  • Learn the leadership and personal traits that are required for a successful career in law enforcement.
  • Interact with law enforcement professionals and learn how they use their tactical knowledge and skills to keep your community safe.
  • Apply forensic investigative techniques to process crime scenes, dust for fingerprints, bag evidence and interrogate suspects.
  • Experience hands-on training in self-defense, defensive driving, firearm safety, and arrest techniques.

Career opportunities:

  • EMS Dispatcher
  • State, Local
  • Federal and Military Law Enforcement
  • Attorney

College credits available: 15 credits

Year-long course must be completed to be eligible for the Technical English, Fitness or Science credit.


Instructional Staff

Brenda Buroker
Law Enforcement Instructor